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A website dedicated to 1/72 Hongwell diecast models


Hongwell's catalogues have always been difficult to get hold of.  The earliest I have in my collection is an 'A-Cheong/Autocraft' catalogue from 1993.  The only 1/72 models featured are the 4 cars in a 'Road Monster' transporter set, but they are very crude castings - nothing like the detailed models we have today. The early  models were branded under the 'Atocraft' name, and mainly featured 1/43 scale models. Cararama took over as the brand from 2000, and more 1/72 models were available.



Schuco catalogues are much more easily available, usually from Germany. Abrex catalogues are more difficult to find, but are available from the Czech Republic.



Most of these pictures are scans of the front page of catalogues from my own collection, but some are scans/photos from elsewhere.



Clicking on the pictures takes you to the various catalogue pages.



Please note: I am not able to scan the inside pages of these catalogues without damaging them.

Also, I do not have any spare catalogues, and currently cannot help locate any.  Anyone intereseted in the catalogues can, of course, let me know, but I have to say the best way to find them is to keep looking!!

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Autocraft catalogue B
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