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A website dedicated to 1/72 Hongwell diecast models

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On this website you will find an unofficial cataloguing of Hongwell's civilian models.  Why 'unofficial'? Basically this is because there is no known 'Official' catalogue of all of the models they have produced.  

This catalogue has been compiled from information from my own collection, and additional information from my many collecting friends from all around the world.  Most of the photographs I have used have come from Domenico's collection (, topped up with some photographs from my other collecting friends.


The models are sorted by manufacturer, and then by model.  The photographs for each model are not in any particular order, mainly because it is no alway obvious which order they were produced in, and also, from time to time, a new 'older' colour model appears.


I am grateful to Domenico and to my other friends for letting me use their photographs, and for sharing their information.


I hope you enjoy the information on this website.  If you do have any questions or comments, please use the 'contact me' section.  Thankyou.

How to use this website.

Simply click on the 'Model Index' tab.  This will open an index of Manufacturers.  Clicking on the vehicle name will open the page displaying all known colours of that model. You can see an enlarged version of the photograph by clicking on it. (To close that, click on the square at the top right of the enlarged photograph). From each vehicle page you can navigate back to the 'Model Index' page by clicking on the 'Index' link button in the bottom right, or you can go back to the manufacturer page by clicking the link button.



No new models, by a few new colours.....

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